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Dunford was formerly the butler and security guard for Gary Hampton's home and estate. When Gary lost his job, Dunford followed the Hamptons' move into Wolf-Man's lair underneath the Westridge Outlet Center.

After some time, the Hamptons were able to move back into their house, but Rebecca asked Gary to not go with them, wanting some time apart. Gary confided in Dunford that he wished he'd never become Wolf-Man, wishing to stop his activities.

Rebecca was unfortunately killed soon after by Zechariah. Wolf-Man was blamed for the murder and forced to go on the run, asking Dunford to watch after Chloe during that time, becoming her legal guardian with her mother dead, and her father a fugitive.

After Wolf-Man's trial and incarceration, Dunford visited him in prison to inform him that Chloe was missing, having disappeared after his conviction. In spite of investigations, she remained missing until she resurfaced as Vampire Girl, under Zechariah's influence. After breaking Zechariah's hold and reconciling with her father, Cecil Stedman took Chloe with him, promising to keep her safe.

Dunford's current status is unknown, though he is still presumably her legal guardian.

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