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Creation of the Universe
The Dunamis Demiurgos was placed inside Michael Demiurgos, of the same name. Michael's power sparked the universe, creating the first atom, from which Lucifer crafted the universe.

The Wolf Beneath the Tree 

When Fenris has Lucifer and Michael pitted against each other, the energy that Michael attacks Lucifer with is the Demiurgic Power, and although he hits Lucifer at point-blank range, the Morningstar is merely weakened, proving his own power. At the time of Michael's death at Yggdrasil, it seems the Dunamis Demiurgos becomes a very important thing once again and all other thoughts are dropped, as with Michael's death, all of it would be released and it would consume creation...and destroy it. So, Michael sees Elaine as the universe's only hope, the only one who can contain the powers he holds within, for she too is a Demiurge, but Lucifer doubts her, thinking her youth and level of strength will not allow her to stop it from overpowering herself. Without a vessel, the power of the demiurge would destroy creation. Nonetheless, they must try it, for if she can't hold it, the universe will be erased from existence, with Michael's final words, the energies are suddenly released. In a blast of white energies that begin to consume all...and Elaine is lost to sight.

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