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Dulcea is a character from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. She is the master warrior of Phaedos who drove off the Tenga Warriors. Initially, Dulcea distrusts the Power Rangers, even going as far as attacking Tommy Oliver and pinning him down with her staff. She only trusts them when they mention Zordon as their leader. Dulcea then leads them to the ancient ruins of the Ninjetti Temple, where she gives them the power of the Ninjetti- the spirit of the animal all humans have within them. All of the Rangers, except for Adam Park, are happy with their new powers. When asked why he is unhappy, Adam woefully replies, "I'm a frog." Dulcea then cheers him up by calling him a handsome prince and giving him a kiss. It is possible that Dulcea's animal spirit is an owl, as she transforms into one as she bids the rangers farewell. Strangely, Dulcea said that if she left the platform, she would age rapidly, however she did not age when fighting the Tenga. She may have meant that she can't step out towards the Phaedos Monolith; it could also mean that she can't come any closer to the Monolith.

Dulcea wears a dark-green, nature-inspired combat outfit (resembling a stylized bikini) and matching knee-high boots. She carries a fighting staff, which can be split into two short sticks. When spun in each hand, these sticks produce a loud whistling sound, causing pain to those in close proximity. She uses the noise to drive away the Tenga Warriors.

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