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Edgar Marlopolis went to Springdale Connecticut under the false pretense of an internship at Hammond Labs. His real reason for the internship was to steal a suit of experimental power armor from Dr. Benson, a scientist in their employ.

Robbie Baldwin, working at the labs as a janitor, happened upon Marlopolis attempting to empower himself from some machinery. While trying to seperate Marlopolis from the machinery there was an explosion. As a result, Marlopolis was seperated into four different forms (a skeleton one, one made of muscle, one made of glowing energy, and one was him in the armor).

Robbie Baldwin, now in Speedball form as a result of the explosion, fought The Dudes In the Really Rad Armor. Speedball discovered that by getting two of the forms to connect that those two forms would be incapacitated. The fight was ended when Speedball tricked the energy form to fly into the armor form.

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