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Brief History

Howard the Duck was born and raised on Duckworld, before the cosmic axis shifted and Howard was accidentally transported through the galaxy to land on planet Earth. Duckworld is very similar to the Marvel Universe's 616 version of Earth, with the exception being that Duckworld is populated by waterfowl rather than humans. Its Duck residents, although supposedly looking much alike, range in having different colored feathers, such as white, yellow, brown, and black. Some of its most notable residents (with the exception of Howard) include Truman Capoultry (their version of Truman Capote), Duktor Strange (the Duck version of Doctor Strange), Reverend Godfrey Gander, Dr. Ludwig von Cluck, Scrounge McDrake (with no relation to Scrooge McDuck), Lana Linn, and Johnny Quackson.

Although Howard has long been waiting for the day to finally revisit his home planet, his efforts have been in vain. However, in the Howard the Duck magazine, he and his girlfriend Beverly Switzler did accidentally manage to land on Duckworld. Stu Cicero, one of She-Hulk's co-workers from her law firm, has found himself transported there as well.

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