the_poet's DuckTales #6 - Dangerous Currency: Part 3 review

Next Stop, Duckburg!

Hello all! Welcome to the last issue of Duck Tales and the second to last issue of the Dangerous Currency arc. I would like to start by saying this series has been a fun ride and I look forward to the future, whatever that brings.


Ok, so the combined team up between the Fearsome Five, the Beagle Boys, the Phantom Blot and the newly formed Eve-IL have taken over St. Canard, so its up to Darkwing Duck and company to defeat them!


The art is amazing. Its surprising to think that this is the same series I was complaining about. Jose Massaroli is a great artist. Having seen him illustrate a visually lighter arc (with Rightful Owners) and a darker arc (with this crossover with Darkwing Duck), I have to say I think I prefer it when he illustrates darker pieces, but then I am a fan of Darkwing Duck. As I stated previously, this comic had problems with its art, but these last two issues were perfect (and not just because Silvani steped in and penciled some of the art--the fact that Jose became the only artist on the series also affected it).


Speaking of art, I want to point out the genius of the covers. James Silvani does great covers and this shows his talent. Cover A actually has something which happens in the comic (minus some villains, of course). The other cover (cover C), which I own, is a great Homage cover. I didn’t recognize it, but kfhrfdu_89_76k recognized it. It is actually an homage to the Infinity Gauntlet #1! Interesting!

Getting Dangerous (this part of the story)

I won't reveal too much about the plot of the story. I think everyone who likes Disney comics (or duck tales / Darkwing duck in general) would like this arc. I will say that in this comic we get to see Magica's super secret plan (poor Poe De Spell btw!), a short battle agianst the supercharged Fearsome Five, an insane Money bin and super suprising ending which ties some of the loose ends back into the story. I know, I would be frustrated if I were you as well! But, this is just an interesting arc is all I'm going to say (though I deeply want to say more!)

Conclusion on Duck Tales the comic series

I know this isn't the end of the arc, but wanted to say a few words about this series. The first arc was alright. I wasn't impressed by the art (though the covers were gorgeous!). I think if they just did one artist (like Jose Massaroli or someone) I wouldn't be complaining about art which looks like it was Photoshopped or quick changes in the art style. The concept was interesting to say the least. I mean, scrooge's adventures usually consist of treasure HUNTING, but this adventure has him treasure RETURNING (if that makes sense), which is very cool. I must say that they forced contingency to the stories to be like Darkwing Duck, but I don't think they had to do that. The problem with trying to have adventures from the show and from the comics to aline is that some tales are the same (for example: the way Scrooge got the golden Fleece differently on the show than he did in the comics...less porage!). I think the best thing ever from this series was the Dangerous currency arc, because it did the crossover fans have been writing fan fics for ever sense darkwing came out!

So, yeah! I think that raps things up! on to Darkwing #18!


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