the_poet's DuckTales #4 - Rightful Owners Part Four review

Uncle Scrooge eats several hats & Other Duck Tales

Been a little busy with a list, but thought I'd spare some time to write one of two reviews i've been meaning to do...and here's the first one!

Rightful Recap

Rockerduck and Scrooge's race to return the most artifacts to their rightful owners has reached a stunning conclusion! You See: the loser has to eat the other's hat! so the race is on to beat the other! who will win and who will eat the hat? The verdict will suprise you...

I've seen him eat Parnip Pudding before (sorry Barks story reference), but never a hat...

Now, I'll review the whole rightful Owners arc...should be interesting...


Let me say that I was sort of leery about this series at the begining. You could tell there was more than one artist on this series in the first two issues. There was some distict differences between the two (or was that three?). Some were better than others, but I didn't really care much about about quality: I cared about if I could focus on the story when they kept changing the styles!

Issue 3 was a vast improvement on 1 and 2, but this fourth issue was the best thus far! you see, Jose Massaroli took over fully as the artist (without help from Magic eye or other artists). I already expressed how this seems more like an Uncle Scrooge styled story than a Duck Tales story artistically, so I won't dwell too much on that. When the Cross Over happens, James Silvani will penciling the art for this series, so maybe the differences will change...


In the grand scheme of Uncle Scrooge stories, this arc does not really stand out. I mean, the idea of Scrooge going and returning all his valuable artifacts just to win a bet is, I admit, unique. However, by no means is Warren Spector of Carl Barks' caliber of writing. I am under the impression that they were trying to catch readers who were fans of the Darkwing Duck comic series by puting villains like Camile Chameleon in the spot light, which sort of worked. He even tried to barrow from Ian Brill and James Silvani by adding continuity to the stories and taking characters from the show to the comics, but I must say that part of his writting sort of felt forced.

I mean sure, she has magic, but...

For example, there is the character named "Cinnamon Teal" in the story, who after some research (mainly Wikipedia, regrettfully) I realized was from an episode of Duck Tales. I guess we were expected to know this obscure character? I really don't know. I mean I am mainly a Darkwing Duck fan so I have no idea who she was. In Darkwing Duck, Ian and James add sort of refreshers, which remind you, "oh, its THAT guy!" But, there was no such refresher here. I want to ask a Duck Tales fan, because I sure didn't know her...I had to rewatch part of her episode and even after watching it I have no idea why they chose her to be a reserected villain for the series. There are some more memorable characters who went up agianst Scrooge and Ma Beagle!


This series is alright. not really great. I would recomend Darkwing Duck over this series, but its alright. If you were looking for a Duck Tales story, you sort of got what you asked for, but as I said it felt more like an Uncle Scrooge tale than an episode of Duck Tales...but it could just be the artist.

Crossover Madness!

Quackwerks cameo...

Next Month (or rather as I am late in reviewing this comic: this month), We will see the crossover between Duck Tales and Darkwing Duck. Sure, there have been some unofficial appearances of both show characters in the other's comic/show, but it was never official. Now it is. To get ready for this, Scrooge is shown giving some of the rightful owners cards for Quackwerks security company, which had at one time taken over St. Canard (Darkwing's city) and Scrooge had reassigned Launchpad as president...Sure, nothing is going to happen! At this first glance at the crossover, I think its going to be good (I wanted Poe De Spell and Ratface to be in the same comic sense they annoused this series...its on my list!). Hopefully, the crossover will go well!

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