the_poet's DuckTales #2 - Rightful Owners Part 2: Ruby or Not Ruby review

A spotlight on the women!

Been a little busy, but without further ado: lets start the review! (boy, I am a poet! it rhyme!) This second issue of Duck Tales was interesting. There were several things I liked about it and some things I didn’t so much like.


How ‘bout we start with a recap of the story thus far, shall we? If you read my review from issue #1, you would know that the Quinta-Quadrillion-zillionaire (their term, not mine), Uncle Scrooge had made a bet with John D. Rockerduck (a rich duck with a manipulative streak) on who can return the most artifacts to their rightful owners (which is insadently the name of this arc). In this issue, we can really tell Rockerduck doesn’t want to loose thie bet. We had previously seen his stoug Agent X (whoever that is…I have my suspicions) tell several familiar Disney Duck Villains where Scrooge would be going on his travels to win the bet.

Differences from Duck Tales (the show)


 One of the gangs this agent of Rockerduck had hired was the Beagle boys. The Beagle boys are red-clothed…well, Beagles, who all have numbers. In the Uncle Scrooge Comics (as well as other Duck-centered Disney Comics), this group are all identical. However, on the Tv Show Duck Tales (which this series supposedly is based on) we saw more individuality in this group (there was big time and several others who were not called by their numbers but their names). My personal favorite was Ma Beagle who was voiced by the talented June Foray (who also voiced Magica De Spell on the show). Which is why I was excited when I saw the familiar Duck Tales Beagles on the Cover B (which I have), but I was let down as they all look like they are all clones.

If you were hoping for a series solely based on Duck Tales the Tv Show, then you would be disappointed. The art is really similar to that of the Uncle Scrooge comics, in fact some of the shading of the shadows is almost barks or rosa esce. My fear is that this series will merely be a replacement for Uncle Scrooge now that Disney has pulled the plug on Boom!’s licence for that series. This series has so much potiental, so I dearly hope it doesn’t become just another Scrooge McDuck adventures so it can stands out in the future.

 Spotlight on the Women!

One of the things which makes me continue reading is the title of my review. On the tv show, we saw several female characters but they were never major characters. Here however, we see a strong FEMALE hero and a strong FEMALE villain. On the show, Webby was just an annoying tag-along, but here she is a smart “can take care of her self” kind of girl who is clever enough to defeat most of the Beagle boys. The Villain was the person I noted the previous issue: Camile Chameleon (a darkwing duck villain…a foreshadowing for the crossover?). She was a perfect character for this issue and made it entertaining. 


In short, the issue was alright. The writing is great and, although the art is currently spotty and inconsistent with the show, this series shows some protental.

 My favorite moment. St. Canard? Have we met? Classic!

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