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He's been up--he's been down--he's fallen asleep with the TV on! New, hot from this previous engagement inDark Horse Presents, the tough duck private dick, stars in his first feature length special. The story wouldn't be complete without Cornfed, Fluffy, and Uranus hanging around waiting for the next dose of abuse from their feathered "friend."


[Inside front cover] The Cast : describes Duckman and his family, along with Cornfed -- 1. Air Stream -- 2. Duckman with Fluffy and Uranus -- 3. Duckman at Home -- 4. "Party Animals" -- 5. "Chinatown Beat" -- 6. Duckman's in a Snit Today -- 7. "The Mime Murders" -- 8. Duckman's Been Under a Lot of Stress Lately -- 9. What The!? How Many Times Have I Told You Fartballs Not to Play in the Driveway- Now I'm Gonna Be Late for Work!! -- [Back cover] Last Chance Ya Little Fur Ball, Where'd You Two Hide My Girlie Magazines!







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