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Hal Jordan and the Calorians

When Green Lantern responded to the Guardians to travel to the planet Calor, he had no idea he would be going up against this monstrous creature. Green Lantern explained it as a gorilla-like creature that was more than sixty feet in height. The Calorians pleaded for help against this creature that was terrorizing them and the Guardians sent Hal Jordan because it was within his space sector.

An Icy Prison

The Calorians said that Dryg spawned from the terrible heat and flame of erupting lava from a valley full of active, erupting volcanoes. Green Lantern initially had trouble battling this monster because it possessed mental powers that sapped his willpower. Hal Jordan reasoned that since it was made in extreme heat, that icy cool temperatures would be its weakness. He managed to encase the monster in a block of ice and transported it to Calor's polar region where it would remain entombed for all time.

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