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Dryads are silicon-based rock-like humanoids from the planet Dryad. When humanity colonized the supposedly empty planet, it was discovered that the rocks were actually sentient beings, however the Dryads soon made friends with the colonizers. Now humans and native Dryads live on the planet peacefully.

The Dryad, Strata, was a founding member of the interstellar peace keeping force known as L.E.G.I.O.N. and has has served as Vril Dox's second in command for years. The team also recruited another Dryad, Marv, and the two eventually married and had a child named Rocky.

It was also discovered that a second race of Dryads lived deep underground, both races living without knowing of the other. Brik of the Green Lantern Corps was recruited by Hal Jordan, choosing to leave her life as a rock behind in order to pursue a live of adventure.

In the 30th Century the Dryad planet was facing the destruction and was evacuated by the Legion of Super-Heroes. Several youths from the planet were led to believe that the Legion was to blame and teamed up as the League of Super-Assassins and fought the Legionnaires. After they were defeated Blok realized the truth and joined the Legion.

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