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Druanna is a Trueblood born in Myst as Gaia. As a child, she was so nurturing that Myst's wind and rain and trees were taken in by her. A fairy, who saw that, made a link between Gaia and Myst's nature. As a side effect, she was also able to control Earth's nature. She would travel between realms to keep Earth's nature in balance when needed. This made her a target of the Dark One, who severed her connection to nature by killing the fairy who was responsible for it. Attacking her, Gaia was nearly killed by the Dark One and Belinda. A flock of birds carried her off and led her to Shang. He gave her the Orb of Olan, which would serve as a surrogate link to nature, though she's only have a fraction of her power. She hid herself in Tallus, one of Myst's largest cities, under the name of Druanna.

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