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IDW Continuity

In the beginning, he was the Decepticon known as Deadlock. He served as the second in command to Turmoil, and many Autobots were slaughtered by him personally. Then, his life changed abruptly. He was thought dead by his fellow Decepticons and found by a long forgotten third faction of Cybertronians. This faction wanted no part of the great war between Autobot and Decepticon. They left for parts unknown long ago, but now, he was among them. He was rebuilt by their technology and given a new name and philosophy. He became Drift.

An Autobot

Drift wandered the universe as a lone warrior, seeking ways in which he could make small differences in the war. No longer did he wield a blaster. Instead, he used swords given to him by the neutral faction of Cybertronians who changed his life.
Drift came across information about Autobot prisoners being held by his former Decepticon commander, Turmoil. To him, this seemed like a good opportunity to make a difference and save some lives. He snuck aboard Turmoil's cruiser intent on freeing the prisoners, but his quiet entry to intruded upon by a unit of Autobots led by Kup storming the ship. Both had the same goal, so they joined forces. However, Drift was recognized by Turmoil and outted as a Decepticon traitor.
Despite the truth about him being revealed, Drift helped the Autobots free their comrades and destroy the ship. He fought Turmoil, getting the best of the Decepticon but not going for the killing stroke when Turmoil was at his mercy. This was to make the point that he really had changed. Before escaping from the exploding ship, he recovered Perceptor's damaged body. Afterwards, Kup invited him to be a part of a new Autobot unit being put together.

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