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Dr. Drexel Cord was an inventive genius who felt he didn't get the recognition he deserved because of Tony Stark. Cord felt his intellect and inventions were superior to Stark's and couldn't understand why he wasn't more successful then the millionaire playboy. Cord lived in seclusion with his daughter Janice in a medieval castle he had imported over from Europe. The castle also doubled up as his lab.


Drexel Cord was created by writer Archie Goodwin and artist Johnny Craig in 1968.

Major Story Arc

Dr. Cord had enough of losing out on major contracts to Tony Stark. His failures had literally driven him insane and led to him creating a giant android called The Demolisher in order to destroy his rival. Cord felt Iron Man was the ultimate of Stark's creations and decided destroying him would not only damage Stark's pride but also ruin his reputation. Much to his daughter's disapproval, the mad scientist sent The Demolisher after Iron Man. Janice Cord felt her father was obsessed with Tony Stark and needed help. She rushed to Stark Industries to warn Iron Man of her father's plan and was met by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Jasper Sitwell. Sitwell and Janice rushed back to Dr. Cord's castle to try to stop him as Janice mentioned The Demolisher is controlled by a central control panel at the lab.

Meanwhile the giant android tracked Tony Stark to his private yacht where he attacks. Stark quickly changes to Iron Man but is eventually beaten unconscious by his stronger opponent. Cord's robot is ordered to bring Iron Man back to the lab. Sitwell and Janice arrive at the castle but rather than allow his robot to be stopped the scientist smashes the main control panel. The Demolisher arrives with Iron Man but the destruction of the control panel caused a glitch in his system and he starts attacking everyone at random. When the out of control robot targets Drexel Cord's daughter, the scientist realises the error of his ways and sacrifices himself to save her. Cord's distraction allowed Iron Man the chance to attack the android's weak back plate. The Demolisher explodes but unfortunately for Drexel Cord, he was standing too close to his creation and he too was killed. With his dying breath, Drexel Cord repents for his mistake.

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