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                   ''Mind over matter'' 
                            -Drew McCormick.


Drew McCormick and the rest of the BeetleBorgs were created by Saban Entertainment in the american television series Big Bad Beetleborgs and Beetleborgs Metallix. Both adapted from the japanese series Juukou B-Fighter and B-Fighter Kabuto. 
Drew's armor was modeled after a japanese rhinoceros beetle. 
Drew McCormick was portrayed by the young american actor Wesley Barker.


 Drew McCormick
 Thirteen year old Drew is dynamic and handsome, a natural leader. An imaginative young man with a passion for comics and science fiction, he has no idea that he's a heartthrob to all the girls at school. Drew would rather be fighting crime as a superhero like his idols in the comics,  

Drew has a great sense of humor and winning smile wich makes him popular with everyone. Despite the fact that his little sister,Jo, is sometimes a pain, Drew is very mutch the protective big brother.

Big Bad BeetleBorgs

 Blue Stinger BeetleBorg
When Drew first gets his powers, he is very excited. He takes his super hero role very seriously and understands the responsability that it brings. Drew, as the Blue Stinger BeetleBorg, is the leader of the BeetleBorgs.  
Drew recieved an upgrade (Mega Blue BeetleBorg) after he used the energy axis that powered Shadowborg on his original armor.  
 ''Mind over matter''
His favourite saying is: ''MIND OVER MATTER!'', this is because, when not a BeetleBorg, Drew has the ability  to move objects by only using the power of his mind.

BeetleBorgs Metallix

Chromium Gold BeetleBorg
  In BeetleBorgs Metallix, Drew recieved a new upgrade: Mega Spectra Chromium Gold BeetleBorg.

Power Rangers Turbo Vs. BeetleBorgs Metallix 

Drew vs. the Power Rangers 
  In Power Rangers Turbo Vs. BeetleBorgs Metallix, Drew and the rest of the BeetleBorgs Fought against the Power Rangers Turbo when Nukus and Divatox tricked them with copies of the BeetleBorgs and the Power Rangers.

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