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DREDD is hitting theaters in about a month and as we near the film's release date, more information is beginning to leak -- and it doesn't look half bad. A new clip for DREDD has been released and it focuses pretty squarely on Ma-Ma's character, played by actress Lena Headey. Don't be fooled by Ma-Ma's timid voice over the intercom -- this woman means business. The former prostitute and leader of "the block" locks down the entire neighborhood until the two Judges have been eradicated.

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With all the doors on the block locked and all civilians hiding behind doors, the Judges don't have a whole heck of a lot of places to run to. You can probably guess what happens next. The scene seems pretty critical to the plot itself, and might remind you of a little known Indonesian film titled The Raid: Redemption, from 2011. Those that saw the film about a 20-man SWAT team who raids a run down apartment block might see the similarities between the two films. Having seen this scene, do you think there will be enough differences between the two movies that will merit giving DREDD its own look? Do they seem at all similar to you? Do you think Ma-Ma is a threatening character?

Let us know what you think of the recently released DREDD clip and whether or not you will be heading to the theater to check out the movie on September 21st, 2012.

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OMG Cersei what the hell happened to you?!

But whatever that is you deserved it lol XD

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Looks good enough too me.

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Well I wont claim Ma-Ma appears to be the brightest person to lead a gang, even if she managed to get what she wanted, she would be signing her own death warrant when all the other judges come after her.

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I thought that cleaning droid in the hallway was really funny. Does anyone remember what it said?? I cracked up when I saw it.

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Yeah, looks interesting.

I will definitely watch it on DVD. :)

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I will definitely go watch this for this simple reason THEY'VE FOLLOWED THE COMICS LIKE WE WANTED. If you're a comic book fan you should go see this to show Hollywood this is what we want

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sara, can you be my date to this movie?
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Is it just me or is this movie now heavily borrowing from 'The Raid: Redemption'?

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It really does look like The Raid: Mega-City One. I'm totally fine with that, though.

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Eh, may have a similarity to Raid: Redemption but I don't care. I'm psyched for this movie and am ready to see it. Even have myself a complimentary pass to see it with so I'm DEFINITELY ready for the release ^^. Is it September yet?

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This movie still looks terrible, sorry.

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I'm pumped!

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Uhh why did she say f**k?would have made more sense if she said a swear word from the Dredd universe,like drokk,stomm or grud?

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It doesn't need your effing approval get over yourself

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I don't understand? It wasn't meant that way. :(

Sorry if I offended you.

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I'm going to enjoy this!!!

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damn Avon Barksdale got caught by Judge Dredd!

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