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Lauren Rainwater is a full blooded native american who just can't stand reservation life. She is a waitress by night and a paralegal studying for her law degree by day. Late one night after leaving the local library she hears what sounds like Drums coming from a nearby parking structure, though she believes it's odd she feels compelled to go and check it out. When she does she discovers a closed off section of the parking structure actually harbors part of an old indian (Native American) burial ground. Upon entering the burial ground she finds herself further drawn to an old dream catcher hanging from one of the grave markers. It is when she takes the dream catcher that she is possessed by the evil spirit 'Freemind' and granted the power to control dreams.

Powers and Abilities

Dreamweaver is possessed by an ancient evil spirit known as "Freemind". An old Native-American medicine man who turned to the dark arts in order to make himself immortal. When she is holding the dream-catcher Freemind's mental link with her allows her to have control over the dreamworld, bringing people from their own dreams into her own, or even creating portals from the real world and bringing physical bodies through into the world of dreams. In the dreamworld she can alter reality in almost any many she desires. Dreamweaver also has the ability to fly and several magical abilities in the physical realm. At any given time whether in the dream realm or physical realm the Dreamweaver can create an astral projection of herself virtually anywhere else in the galaxy possibly the universe. By bringing creatures and objects from the dreamworld into the real world Dreamweaver can perform minor alterations of reality.

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