Wow Im confused.

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So, how was Sinister able to tamper with Tiamut when for one he's a celestial, two doesn't have the robot head and that leads me into, three he's exploring the Omniverse with Kirby.

Why is it that the X-men comics seem to have this idea that they can do whatever they want with the Celestials and Tiamut and at the same time destroying the canon of the latest Eternals arc with Tiamut now becoming a god amongst Celestials? Do the events of the Eternal series take place in the future so this stupid X-men crap can take place? I know it doesnt but please someone explain this to me.

Oh and how the hell did Sinister hack Tiamut the god damn super Celestial? Even without being in Ascension mode the guy was still possible the strongest Celestial being as it took the entire Second Host to take him out and now your gonna tell me that Sinister plus Apoc back burner crap tech is enough to hack the guy WHILE HE'S NOT SLEEPING?!?!?!

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I dont know much about Celestials and have no idea who Tiamut is but i do know that Marvel is terrible at keeping a linear form of forward progress going whith it's characters and events. Take Childrens Crusade for example. It's was going on for like a year and a half and not till after the mini series is over do we figure out when in time it really happened.

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