How Powerful Is He?

#1 Posted by Jack the Ripper (2225 posts) - - Show Bio

Okay, so I just started reading the Sandman series, Issue 1 to be exact, and although he seems to be a nigh-omnipotent character I am still confused as to how he was so easily captured and imprisoned? Was there a reason he could not defend himself?

#2 Posted by Gloom (3653 posts) - - Show Bio

He was basically imprisoned by the power of ancient laws and lost deities combined. It's not that he didn't have the power to get out, it's that he couldn't/wasn't allowed to use it.

#3 Posted by King of Stories (5 posts) - - Show Bio

I say, he has unlimited power with dreams, or nearly unlimited. But he's not all powerful in other things.

#4 Posted by Resonate (15054 posts) - - Show Bio

Regardless, I think he's awesome

#5 Posted by Jason Blood (115 posts) - - Show Bio
Resonate said:
"Regardless, I think he's awesome"
o_O wow, we really are twins LMFAO, I was just looking at this thread about 30 mins ago :P
#6 Posted by Dorian (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Well technically he is very VERY powerful, but he is a sort of omnipotent being whose power is both limited and limitless, it's difficult to tell.  But he did talk about Lucifer Morningstar in The Sandman: Season of Mists how Lucifer is far more powerful than himself, so while he is powerful, I believe Lucifer could take him down.

#7 Posted by Glitch_Spawn (17132 posts) - - Show Bio

Extremely powerful just not in the traditional sense of a powerful comic book character

#8 Posted by moywar700 (2775 posts) - - Show Bio

I remember him complaining about being cold during the time he went to go recuse the queen from hell. I think he's a intermediate reality wrapper user.

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