Calling all Sandman geeks!

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I have decided what my paper is going to be about and I need to find a specific trade. Thanks to Barnes and Noble, I can't just browse around to find the story I'm looking for and my library doesn't have the whole run.

In which trade would I find the story about about a sultan (I think) who presents his palace to Morpheus to preserve in the dream world? I love that story and it is just relevant today as it was twenty years ago. I'm taking a class on history of the mid-east and it showed these stunning Mosques that have existed for hundreds of years. When Turkey is brought up, someone is likely to make a lame joke about poultry.

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Fables & Reflections, it's #50

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btw, that's Vol. 6...also great choice of thread title, I was all over this as soon as I saw the word Sandman and geeks

I wrote a paper using The Sandman once, it wasn't a great paper because I did it all in the final minutes but it's the best grade I got on the annual English paper that is required to pass the class

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Thank you!

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I think that issue also made news because it sort of predicted that Baghdad would be in shambles again, before the gulf war.

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