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Dreadface is a slimy, oozing alien mass that has the ability to posses and control animals and other beings with its touch. The alien mass was contained in a cube aboard the ship of Devos the Devastator. The alien mass escaped after an altercation with Devos and the Fantastic Four. The spacecraft everyone was aboard on crashed in a remote jungle on Earth and the alien mass squirms away. The alien mass would splash on a jungle gorilla and drown the beast in its alien slime. The gorilla is now possessed by the alien entity and is filled with savagery and bloodlust. 

The possessed gorilla attacks the Thing and the Human Torch as they sit around a campfire. The alien ooze would possess the Thing after it punches the gorilla. The Thing is now controlled by the alien mass and it attacks Johnny Storm. Johnny manages to sear the alien ooze off his buddy Ben with a nova blast. However the alien ooze is nearby and possesses Johnny when it engulfs him with its alien mass.  Dreadface would reveal their destructive tendencies to the Thing during their battle. Dreadface revealed that their star-borned race would seek out the greatest warriors from each world and use them as tools of destruction once they possess them. 

The Thing and Dreadface would battle throughout the jungle. The Thing would eventually lead Dreadface back to the crashed spacecraft. The Thing punches the spacecraft's fuel storage causing a leak. He stands in front of the damaged fuel storage and entices the possessed Human Torch to attack him. Dreadface throws a fireball towards the Thing and ignites the fuel causing a massive explosion. The Thing dives into the water before he is engulfed by the explosion. The Thing looks for Johnny  among the wreckage and sees a burning figure walking towards him. Johnny survived the blast and the alien ooze is apparently incinerated by the blast. However this is not the end of Dreadface.

Powers and Abilities:
Dreadface is originally some type of oozing, slimy alien mass. It moves very quickly and can hide very well in the shadows. It has the ability to possess and control any animal or being once it engulfs its victim with its alien mass. The animal or being possessed retains its original form but the outer skin turns into a grey or black shade. The animal or creature possessed is filled with savagery and bloodlust. Dreadface has all the skills and abilities of the animal or being that is under control. Dreadface can move from one victim to another through physical contact. The alien mass however seems vulnerable to intense heat.   

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