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Though commercially known as the prime ingredient in the Draxx Blue Gel roach poison, its origins are actually more sinister in purpose. Draxx consists of two separate yet interlinked chemical compounds. The first of which was ideal for controlling pests, but the secondary compound had an averse affect on humans. If consumed (usually intravenously), it served as a highly addictive, synthetic narcotic. Unlike natural opiates however, the human body was incapable of expelling the chemical through normal biological means. A body's internal organs absorbed the chemical directly until it reached its saturation limits, at which point, the organs would explode. One such victim was the exterminator  A.J  an employee of the Bug-Bee-Gone Corporation. After overdosing on Draxx, A.J. began violently convulsing, regurgitating the gel until finally succumbing to a painful death. 
As a widely-used roach killer, Draxx Blue Gel turned up several surprising side-effects in insects. Not only was it ineffective against a specific subspecies of roach, but it actually activated a dormant mutant gene in these insects, stimulating excessive growth and strength. In effect, it functioned as a roach steroid.

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