how long do you think Drax will be dead for?

#1 Posted by crackerjack82 (2592 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos killed him, Again, how long do think it will be before they bring Drax back from the dead again

#2 Posted by Nighthunter (28582 posts) - - Show Bio

As long as DnA get ready to do their next cosmic epic ;)

#3 Posted by jloneblackheart (5486 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it's going to be a good while. Marvel just ended two cosmic ongoings and replaced them with minis. Unless they have other plans, they are pushing us Marvel fans over to DC for some cosmic action.

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#4 Posted by crackerjack82 (2592 posts) - - Show Bio

cosmic marvel was good for a while too what the EFF marvel

#5 Posted by _Courage_ (1180 posts) - - Show Bio
@crackerjack82 said:
"cosmic marvel was good for a while too what the EFF marvel "

Ahhh it's comics, it happens unfortunately.
#6 Posted by HellionVulcan (3919 posts) - - Show Bio

Until the film comes along ha .

#7 Posted by kingkoona (18 posts) - - Show Bio

he kinda fizzled out towards the end of his current life. in fact after annihilation he kinda sucked all together.

hope he comes back bad ass!

#8 Posted by DrLove (47 posts) - - Show Bio

anyone know how he came back?

#9 Posted by King-Stranglehold da first (3226 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope he stays gone for good!

#10 Posted by DH69 (4193 posts) - - Show Bio

hes already back in GOTG 0.1

#11 Posted by HellionVulcan (3919 posts) - - Show Bio

I always thought he & Ares were alike in how marvel used them & killed them off but i am glad he is back in the new GOTG .

#12 Posted by mdamasco (49 posts) - - Show Bio

but how is he back!?

#13 Posted by micahparadise (511 posts) - - Show Bio

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