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Drake Sinclair is a mysterious and knowledgeable individual. Once having worked for General Hume and the Knights of Solomon, he left employ after the six guns fell into the Generals possession. Drake has an extensive knowledge of the supernatural and his overall motives are unknown. He currently holds four of the six guns that he is spiritually bound to after killing each of their previous masters.

Sinclair has few allies other than Becky Montcrief, Gord Cantrell and the now deceased, Billjohn O'Henry, but he has more than his fair share of enemies. Many famous and powerful beings of supernatural persuasions seem to know Sinclair from some encounter or another. Drake left the command of Hume shortly after the discovery of the six and has since supported a front against General Hume and his wife Missy. After running into another supernatural acquaintance from his days as one of Hume's men, Asher Cobb, Sinclair has disappeared, taking his four pistols with him.

After his escape from Asher Cobb, Sinclair is jettisoned out of the freight car into nearby water. He is retrieved by the Knights of Solomon, the apparent antithesis to the Sword of Abraham to be interrogated on the locations of the four guns supposedly in Drakes possession. Sinclair refuses to divulge any information to them, though he cleverly stashes them once again, in the husk of the fallen BillJohn O'Henry as he is dragged to the town of Penance.

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