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This powerful and ancient humanoid species were native to a planet that they called the Hive where long ago developed space travel before mankind had learnt to walk. During their travels, they came to Earth where they began feasting on the lifeforce of humans and engaged in a reign of tyranny against the native species. By this point, the Kherubim were engaged in a war against their mortal enemies known as the Daemonites. Seeking allies, the Kherans reached out to the D'rahn and formed an alliance against the Daemonites. At some unknown point, the warlord Majestros was noted to had met the D'rahn who "evolved" him to his current form. However, the Kherans realised the danger posed by the D'rahn and attacked them thus ending their alliance. A key point of the conflict was on Earth when the D'rahn attacked the Kherubim base at Atlantis. In this engagement, a single D'rahn was wounded and the Kheran knight Ferrian ended the creatures life as an act of mercy though this tale would be swollen to epic proportions as he was attributed as being the only being able to kill a D'rahn one by one. During this time, a Kherubim Lord with his Human sorcerer allies conducted a spell in order to trap the D'rahn forces into a stasis-like state in order to imprison them for all time. In the aftermath, the Kherubim continued their onslaught against the Hive itself which was destroyed. Thus, the D'rahn became a legend to future races and a dark part of the Kheran race's history which they preferred to forget. All that remained of this ancient species were lost pockets that remained in a deep sleep such as the ones trapped in sunken Atlantis or those onboard a D'rahn starship in space whose crew were in stasis.

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