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Drahmin was first introduced in Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. He is a man turned monster due to many years of pain and suffering. He likes to hang out with his fellow oni friend Moloch and eating human flesh with him and just torturing other poor souls in general. Drahmin is also completely insane and goes on random killing sprees from time to time.

Drahmin and Moloch are responsible for defeating Scorpion and tossing him into the soulnado, which would have surely ripped him apart if not for the Elder Gods assistance. They would have eaten him, but knowing that he was not made of mortal flesh, they thought this would be a cruel and fun way to get rid of him for good. After this incident, Drahmin and Moloch never have any conflicts with Scorpion again.

Physical Appearance

This is Drahmin without his mask. Note the blank expression on his face. He cares for no one save for his best friend Moloch.

Drahmin has been tortured for many years. He was once considered quite the looker, but now has lost all his hair and his skin decayed. He sometimes wears the mask of Kunlo to control his insanity. He usually wears it when conversing with his best friend Moloch, or when he just needs to focus in general.

Ending and friendship with Moloch

Drahmin returns back to human form and returns to his brother in arms, Moloch.

In Drahmin's ending, he and Moloch confront Quan Chi and give him the beating of a life time. After the brutal confrontation, Drahmin emerges back in his human form. Moloch has an extremely worried expression on his face leading the players to believe he is upset by the sight of his once Oni comrad now turned back into a man. It is at this point we are left wondering what will become of the friendship of Moloch and Drahmin, though they most likely remain very strong friends as they have been for over 500 years.

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