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Character History

Dragorin and Crew

During the Cold War, top leading geneticist was assigned the duty of genetically engineering life in a tiny sustained environment that were facsimiles to human DNA. Because Donovan was a fan of horror films, he chose to pattern microorganisms to behave genetically similar to creatures from horror flicks. In case of any life escaping the tiny man-made planet, Donovan from time to time sprayed the planet with a toxin he named "the demon dog," that would eradicate life so he would have great control over its world.

Donovan created intelligent life on this tiny world and named it Transilvane. In time, one of the planet's rulers was a vampire named Dragorin, and saw that the entire planet earth seemed to be a threat to his people and he decided to teleport off his planet to earth in which he was normal sized and declared war on the planet in order to free his people.

Superman intervened in the upcoming invasion and promised Dragorin and the people of Transilvane no further harm would come to them. Dragorin called a truce, and he and the people of Transilvane choose to remain unknown to earth so that both planets keep at peace with each other.


Dragorin appears to have all the abilities of the Vampires in various films. He can alter his form (into a form that can take Superman, or even a small bat or his usual form which is similar to the normal form Dracula chose in films), he can fly, teleport, has sharp fangs, a hypnotic stare, and can cause a mutation in normal humans in which can also turn them into vampires.


Dragorin can die from direct contact with sunlight.

Created by...

Jack Kirby.

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