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In the Apocalypse texts, the seven seals close the book of God’s Wrath. The seven seals must be destroyed in order to launch seven chastisements on human beings.

The seven seals have for symbol the Ursa Major. In the Hindu texts, each star is a rishi or saptarshi (a wise man who travels space and time in order to transmit Vedas and to repopulate the world at each cosmic age).

The seven dragons of Heaven are the Shinto metaphors of the seven stars of the Ursa Major.

In the X/1999, Hinoto brought the seven seals/dragons together in order to stop the “ Jour de la Promesse” before it comes. They are seven persons with one aim : to save humanity even if it implies the destruction of the Earth by global warming. That is why each dragon of Heaven can create a kekkai in order to protect Tokyo.

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