eganthevile1's Dragonball Evolution review

It was made for kids, not die hard fans... OH WAIT A TIC..

OK people love crapping all over this movie, but lets be real here, this movie was meant to be kid friendly (more so then the animated series even) and we die hard fans hate that a show we grew up on as kids seems so childish... wait WHAT? Yeah the DB/DBZ/DBGT anime series have a huge built in audience who wanted to see this film stick with the source material 100%, and yeah they rewrote it completely, but lets be real, three big gripes are: Goku in high school, or any school really, Bulma with guns, and when Goku becomes a Saiyan ape he's not huge. Frankly the movie took some liberties for good reason.... The phrase "Previously on Dragonball" come to mind. Sorry folks, but with movies you usually gotta check half your geek cred at the door, yeah when I saw the first Spider-Man and Peter shot webs sans web-shooter I was all WTF BS! But I acknowledge this film for exactly what it is, a movie for kids with a simple plot, simple dialogue, decent action, and OH WAIT A TIC, that sounds just like the animated series with less flashback/recap episodes and blood. Get over it DBZ die hards, I liked the show too but I watched this with it's target audience, my 10 year old nephew and he loved it.  
If your a Dragonball/DBZ fan who cant enjoy the movie because it did not remain true to the source material, skip it, if your looking for something live action you can watch with your kids that is a throw back to your own childhood, this may be a fun pick... of course prepare for some terrible dialogue "nerdo"

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