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The dragon slayer is a large sword created by Godo blacksmith, at the request of the king, who wanted a weapon theoretically capable of killing a dragon.  The king then wanted to hang Godo and if he escaped and was hiding in the mountains ever since. The sword is now wielded by Guts, and it's his main weapon for killing demons. Guts took the sword for his own when Goth's house is attacked by an apostles. 
The real measure of the sword is not known because it is disproportionate in many scenes, especially during combats throughout the manga. Because of the constant usage against the apostles and other evil spirits, the Dragon Slayer exist simultaneously in the astral and physical realms and can damage the astral beings. This is the only weapon known to be effective against the emperor Ganishka.

Godo said that the sword was his greatest creation, it was built by order of the king, and even though he put  his skills to create it, he did not take into account people's abilities normal at that time. 

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