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Long ago, before shao kahn became the emperor of outworld, there was another ruler, called the dragon king. In hope of gaining eternal life, he decided to keep the last dragon egg. He believed that the blood of the infant dragon would grant him imortality, but he was poisoned by his adviser before shao kahn before this task was complete, but omagas army still survived in a mummified state. shao kahn became the ruler of outwold, and Onaga was forgotten.

Onaga afterwards communicated with shujinko by disguising as a friend, while in reality he was hosting and avatar called dimashi. Onaga convinced shujinko to restore the kamidogu , claiming that he was carrying out a quest for the elder gods, Dimashi even gave shujinko the powers to mimic other worriers he encountered. and as for the egg, it turns out others were still loyal to Onaga, and were still protecting the egg, which is why they captured Blaze in the events of mortal combat two, and forced him to guard the egg with his life.

Later Nitara convinced reptile to help her access the chamber where the dragon egg resided. The chamber has an orb that would separate outworld form nitaras realm. After she destroyed the orb, she betrayed reptile and left. When Reptile arrived at the egg hatched and sent its energy to reptile, Therefore fulfilling the prophecy of the dragon kings return.


Onaga seems to be one of the most powerful and strongest beings In the MK universes. The fact that Shao Kahn poisoned Onaga would mean than even he was afraid of the dragon kings power. Onaga can produce flames in concentrated balls or even as a stream of fire. Onagas durability seems to quite strong, being able to resit a blast of the combined force of Raiden, Quan chi and Shang Tsung with visibly no damage at all, there Radens sacrificed himself in vain. When Onaga acquired the Kamidogu, he became virtually unstoppable in physical confrontation. Onaga has considerable magical powers, even being able to disguise himself with an avatar to trick shujinko. Onaga can fly but for some reason does not use that ability too often.(he was however seen carry shao kahn away in Armageddon)


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