Favourite Song(s) from Bruce Faulconer?

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There are many albums that were created for the remastered version of Dragonball Z. And a lot of songs. Over 300 themes.
My favourites:
  1. Vegeta's Theme
  2. Gohan Fights Frieza
  3. The Dragon Theme
  4. Gohan Approaches
  5. SSJ3 Powerup
  6. Gotenks is Born
  7. Gohan Powers Up
  8. Vegeta Super Saiyan
  9. Evil Buu
  10. A Little Help from a Friend (always reminds me of Piccolo)
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@Supreme Marvel: You forgot Goku's SSJ song
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@Primmaster64: I prefer the ones I listed over SSJ Transformation.
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@Supreme Marvel: Oh ok...Let me look them up...
SSj Transformation
Vegeta ssj transformation
Piccolos theme
quite a couple more...
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hmm listened to a couple of these there pretty good

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Personally mine would be, in no particular order...

Piccolo's Theme


Android 16's Theme


Gohan's SS2 (i think its called gohans rage, idk its been awhile)

Super Namek

Slaughter (from the history of trunks movie)

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Gohan Angers
That's the theme of my life.

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