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In the frozen north, Goku's one-man fight against the Red Ribbon Army continues as he storms the perilous Muscle Tower! Can he defeat General White's squad of ninjas, cyborgs, and worse, and save the peaceful people of Jingle Village from their oppressors? Then, Gorku travels to the City of the West to visit his old friend Bulma, who joins him on his quest, bringing her latest inventions. Their quest for the next Dragon Ball takes them around the world to a jungle island in the South Seas...but to get THIS Dragon Ball they'll have to go through General Blue!

Chapter Titles

  • Tale 61: The 4 Tatami Flip
  • Tale 62: The Ninja Split!
  • Tale 63: Mechanical Man No.8
  • Tale 64: The Horrible...Jiggler!
  • Tale 65: How to Unjiggle a Jiggler
  • Tale 66: Muscle Tower's Final Hour
  • Tale 67: Go West, Young Goku
  • Tale 68: Monkey in the City
  • Tale 69: Bulma and Goku
  • Tale 70: Bulma's Big Mistake!!
  • Tale 71: The Turtle Is Spotted!
  • Tale 72: The Blue Meanies

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