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Goku fights Cell, Goku forfeits and chooses Gohan to fight next; everyone is surprised but when he fights everyone is completely amazed but Cell is still much stronger than Gohan. Android 16 tries to beat Cell by using the bomb inside him but realises Bulma took it out and Cell blasts him in half. Then Cell creates 6 Cell Jr.'s and sends them down to beat everyone to get Gohan angry so that he get stronger and then Hercule throws the remains of 16's head infront of Gohan and makes a little speech. Gohan gets really angry and turns super saiajin 2 and starts beating up Cell, Cell gets desparate and self-destructs but Goku teleports him to kaio sama's planet therfore killing himself, Cell and Kaio sama but Cell regenarates and kills Trunks and unleashes a kamehameha at full power and Gohan sends one back also at full power. then while they do that Vegeta sends a blast at Cell to distract him and Gohan beats him! then they use the dragon balls to bring back everyone back to life then Trunks goes back to his time and beats Android17 and 18 and Cell.

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