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It's the "Strongest Under the Heavens" martial arts tournament, and the world's greatest fighters have gathered! But Kuririn, Goku, Tenshinhan and Yamcha face mighty enemies. Taopaipai the assassin has returned as a cyborg--and Goku and Tenshinhan are on his hit list! A mysterious young woman has a grudge against Goku. The only "mystery" about bumbling salaryman Shen is how he made it to the final rounds. And the last contestant is the new and improved Piccolo, for whom the championship is just a stepping stone to take over the world...

Chapter Titles

  • Tale 169: Tenshinhan vs. Taopaipai
  • Tale 170: The Assassin's Struggles
  • Tale 171: Goku Gets Married!
  • Tale 172: Kurinin vs. Demon Jr.
  • Tale 173: Kurinin vs. Demon Jr., Part 2
  • Tale 174: Yamcha vs. Shen
  • Tale 175: "Shen"
  • Tale 176: Goku vs. Tenshinhan
  • Tale 177: Goku vs. Tenshinhan, Part 2
  • Tale 178: Tenshinhan's Secret Move!
  • Tale 179: The Two Weak Points
  • Tale 180: Kami-sama vs. The Demon King

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