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When Kuririn is killed by a lizard-like monster, Goku goes in search of the culprit and finds his most terrifying enemy yet: the evil Demon King Piccolo! Freed after centuries of imprisonment, Piccolo sends waves of monsters on a mission to find the Dragon Balls and destroy any martial artists who might oppose him. With his flying cloud destroyed, Goku finds himself lost in the jungle where he meets an unlikely new ally. Meanwhile, Kame-Sen'nin prepares a last-ditch plan to defeat Piccolo... but at what cost?

Chapter Titles

  • Tale 133: Desperation Move
  • Tale 134: Up in the Air
  • Tale 135: The Death of Kuririn
  • Tale 136: Target: Tenka'ichi Budōkai
  • Tale 137: We Need You, Goku!
  • Tale 138: The Weirdo with the Ball
  • Tale 139: Yajirobe's Prey
  • Tale 140: The Material Artist Hunters
  • Tale 141: Goku vs. Tambourine
  • Tale 142: Piccolo Descends!
  • Tale 143: Goku vs. The Demons King
  • Tale 144: Goku... Loses?

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