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Original Title: うばわれる!! (Doragon Booru Ubawareru!)

The gang are seen driving along in the car that the Ox-King gave them. While en route to the 7th and final Dragon Ball, Bulma at last lets slip what her fabled wish will be, and the revelation causes Oolong to grow annoyed. Elsewhere, it seems Mai and Shu are on their last chances to try and deliver the Dragon Balls to Emperor Pilaf, who threatens to feed them to his alligators if they fail again. They are eventually rescued from their ill fates by the arrival of a mechanical bird, which forewarns the villains that the other six Dragon Balls are in fact nearing their base!

Mai heads out into the field to track the Dragon Ball gang. The second she lays eyes on the weary travelers, she alerts Shu via a comms link and he, while piloting a mech, springs an ambush, making off with the Dragon Balls in the process! Bulma, after realizing that her precious cargo has been taken breaks down in tries. Goku notices this and attempts to lighten her mood by pointing out that he's still carrying the four-star ball, a revelation that seems to fill Bulma with false courage and brazen cheek, her mood instantly changing.

Then Yamcha arrives and once again offers the group a lift, this time in his own vehicle, and with everyone on board, they set off to recover the pilfered Dragon Balls. However, Emperor Pilaf makes preparations for their arrival, and sets a number of traps. How will the gang fare against the schemes of this mad-man!?

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