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The Tenka'ichi Budôkai is heating up, and there can only be one winner! Last tournament's champion Jackie Chun goes up against three-eyed "Crane School" kung fu master Tenshinhan! Then, it's the long-awaited match between former classmates Goku and Kuririn--and guess who has some tricks up his sleeve! But Tenshinhan isn't just fighting to win, he's carrying out a deadly grudge--to avenge his master, the Crane Hermit, whose brother was killed by Goku. It all comes down to a final round so devastating the battlefield itself might not survive intact--let alone the spectators!

Chapter Titles

  • Tale 121: Kuririn's Master Plan
  • Tale 122: Goku vs. Panpoot
  • Tale 123: Tenshinhan vs. Jackie Chun
  • Tale 124: Young Tenshinhan
  • Tale 125: Goku vs. Kuririn
  • Tale 126: Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 2
  • Tale 127: Goku vs. Kuririn, Part 3
  • Tale 128: Goku vs. Tenshinhan
  • Tale 129: The Volleyball Play
  • Tale 130: The Fist of the Sun
  • Tale 131: Tsuru-Sen'nin
  • Tale 132: The Arms Race

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