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Original Title: うさぎオヤブンの得意技 (Usagi Oyabun no Tokui)

Goku, Bulma & Oolong next stop off in a remote village to restock and refuel. Bulma heads into town, dressed in the same bunny outfit Oolong loaned her on account of her not having any other clean cloths to wear. Straight off the bat she notices that the villagers are reacting to her presence, usually out of fear. She shops a around in the meantime, availing of the town's uncanny kindness to her. It takes until she changes into a completely different outfit in another shop, after ridding herself of those preposterous rabbit ears to learn the truth; the locals have been terrorized by punks calling themselves the Rabbit Mob.

Two armed men from this supposed gang eventually notice Bulma and start to flirt with her, but is thankfully immune to their charm and sics Goku on them, beating them up. Acting bitter over being defeated, they call up 'the Boss' and pleads with him to come to them and dispose of such insolence. Soon enough, a bizarre white car featuring rabbit ears on top rolls up and out of it comes 'the Boss,' Monster Carrot, a bipedal, humanoid giant rabbit. Yamcha, having trailed the intrepid trio thus far, recognizes Monster Carrot, but cannot remember until he makes hand contact with Bulma after she slaps away his attempt at a hand shake -- Yamcha then remembers that the evil rabbit's touch has the power to turn others into carrots!

(It is humorous to point out that at a certain stage, Bulma the carrot falls into Goku's possession, which in itself is a pun; as is revealed much later on in the manga and its later anime adaptation Dragon Ball Z, Goku's real, 'Saiyan' name is in fact Kakarot -- a play on the word 'carrot'.)

As Goku launches into an attack, he soon surrenders when Monster Carrot threatens to eat Bumla. The Rabbit underlings then proceed to wail on Goku unchallenged, but they are interrupted by the intervention of Yamcha & Pu'ar, who decide to expose themselves in order to help out. Eventually, the mad scuffle finishes with Monster Carrot and his two men all tied up, and Goku uses his Power Pole to drop them off on the moon.






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