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Original Title: 亀仙人のカメハメ波 (Kamesen'nin no Kamehameha)

Goku & Chi-Chi make it to Kami House and meet up with the venerable Master Roshi. The old hermit instantly remarks that "the last time (he) saw (Goku's companion) she was taller, and prettier...and bigger.." . But alas, Goku explains that it isn't Bulma but in fact Chi-Chi, the Ox-King's daughter, and goes on to say what they have come here for. Regretfully, Roshi reveals that he threw out the Bansho Fan, seemingly the only means with which they could have dispelled the flaming sea, after he mistook it for a coaster and ended up staining it.

Disheartened, Roshi attempts to lighten up the pair's mood by offering to solve the matter personally. After he calls forth Baby Gamera, he sets off after them to Fire Mountain. Arriving there, Ox-King at once heaps praises on the old master's head, while Roshi himself has to take a moment to recover, as the motion of riding on top of Baby Gamera causes extreme dizziness. Once recovered, he scolds the Ox-King, who begs for forgiveness much to the surprise of Goku & the others.

Roshi then goes about preparing to deal with the raging fire. After removing his turtle shell and laying aside his stick, he clambers up onto a wall and, by flexing his scrawny muscles, instantly adopts a more hulk-like state. Muscles rippling, he begins to set up the mighty Kamehameha, a technique that took half a century to refine to perfection. Roshi fires off the blast attack directly at the mountain to the astonishment of the gang. Yet, as the smoke clears and the dust begins to settle, it soon becomes apparent that, not only did Roshi quench the flames, he also obliterated the entire mountain as well!

Mere minutes after watching the technique being carried out, Goku tries his hand at firing a Kamehameha and successfully launches it at the gang's capsule car, much to the complete amazement of Master Roshi. After a while spent chatting and of course filled with cheeky hijinks, everyone parts ways once again, and Goku & Bulma, with yet another Dragon Ball in hand, resume their quest in earnest, the end finally within sight at last!

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