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Original Title: フライパン山の牛魔王 (Furaipan-yama no Gyuumaou)

Our trio begins this adventure hurling ever further towards the legendary Fire Mountain where both the Ox-King, and the next Dragon Ball, are said to lie in wait. Oolong grows considerably nervous, while Goku & Bulma remain unshaken. That is, until they realise that the sunset they had been admiring up ahead is actually Fire Mountain!

Switch over in the mean-term to a concerned Mai & Shu, whose worst nightmares about returning to their emperor empty handed are confirmed true by way of a frightful electrocution! And then, trading off to Yamcha & Puar, they have an unusual encounter with a peculiar young kid..But Yamcha easily dispatches her when he thinks she tries to attack him.

Returning to matters, Goku and the others begin to explore the area, only to come afoul of the Ox-King! Furious over their trespassing, Goku engages in a fight with the Ox-King, but soon overcomes him once he utilises the Flying Nimbus in battle. The Ox-King surprisingly recognises the cloud and straight away asks him who gave him the magical object. Goku replies that it was the old pervert Roshi, to which the Ox-King rejoices --and reveals that he used to train under the venerable master along side Goku's Grandpa Gohan.

The Ox-King eventually tasks Goku with the business of visiting Master Roshi to retrieve an object he thinks might quench the flames of Fire Mountain, and also adds in an extra request that he find his loving daughter Chi-Chi. Yamcha, who had been listening in to their exchange the entire time flinches when he sees the picture the Ox-King holds up of his daughter -- it was the girl he defeated earlier!

Goku complies and sets off on his way, but will he be able to find Chi-Chi? And, more pressing still, will the wizened old turtle hermit have the means to dispel the flames of Fire Mountain?

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