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Original Title: 人さらい妖怪ウーロン (Hitosarai Youkai Uuron)

Goku & Bulma travel ever further on their quest to unite the seven Dragon Balls. Their next port of call is Aru Village, which Goku decides to investigate for traces of another Dragon Ball. As the two enter the village, Bulma remarks that the settlement resembles a ghost town, and idly ponders where all the residents are, and more important still, what is causing them to behave in such a reclusive manner.

Goku breaks into one of the houses -- only to receive an axe smashing against his skull for his efforts. The tool effortlessly shatters, however, and while Goku ruminants on the alarming action, a shocked Shaman goes on to explain the situation. It seems that a nasty, shape-shifting monster called Oolong has been giving the locals all kinds of grief, accumulating in the abduction of young village girls. The shaman goes on to say that his daughter is the next one to get picked by the monster.

Then, after not perceiving any danger the villagers begin to gather outside the shaman's house. Bulma uses this chance to ask the shaman if he has any Dragon Balls in his possess, and takes out one of them to give him an example. The shaman admits he hasn't, but Bulma receives a response from a voice in the crowd. An old woman proposes that she will be willing to part ways with the lustrous marble in exchange for them helping to get rid of Oolong.

They both accept, and so Bulma concocts a canny scheme to trap Oolong in. Unfortunately, her plan soon goes up in smoke, but they eventually succeed in ridding the village of the not-so-scary monster, and also gain a new companion in the process.

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