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Original Title: 亀仙人のキント雲 (Kamesen'nin no Kinto'un)

Continuing immediately on from the last episode, Goku and Bulma with Turtle in tow's paths are interrupted by the sudden appearance of a large --and hungry!-- Bear Bandit. Wishing to make Turtle his supper, Goku steps in and quickly dispatches the bear, allowing them to continue onwards to the seaside.

As they arrive on the beach, Turtle pleads with them to remain on the sand while he swims off to retrieve his master. Goku & Bulma comply, and Turtle reappears carrying on his back the venerable Master Roshi! After Turtle & Roshi spend a few minutes pondering about how they'll reward Goku only, to which Bulma protests, Roshi decides to gift Goku with the mystical cloud th Flying Nimbus, a unique object in that only those of true and pure heart can be allowed to sit upon it and fly anywhere. Master Roshi tries to demonstrate this; but soon enough falls through the cloud! Bulma tries her luck too, but meets with similar results.

While Master Roshi joins the gang on the beach, the tenacious Emperor Pilaf, together with his trusted henchmen Mia & Shu has traced another Dragon Ball to Kami House; the humble pink florescent home of Turtle Hermit Roshi. Back on landfall, Bulma becomes aware that Roshi has in fact a Dragon Ball hanging around his neck, and in a flirtacious act eventually convinces him to hand it over.

Both parties then split up; Goku & Bulma head home, while Roshi & Turtle return to their island, removing the ruffian emperor and his ilk in the process.

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