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 Draculina cast out of hell by Lilith

Draculina lived on Drakulon until she was cast out by her mother, Lilith, for plotting to over throw her and rule Drakulon as the new queen. Draculina somehow came to earth and joined a government agency that monitors supernatural activities. After Vampirella prevented an apocalypse from taking place by Chaos and the Blood Red Queen of Hearts, Draculina had Vampirella, along with Adam Van Helsing and Pendragon kidnapped and taken to a facility after convincing her superiors that they were a threat to earth.

 Draculina conspiring with Adam

Her real intentions were to use Adam, who still retained some of Chaos power to open a gateway portal to hell, so that she could go back to hell and become it's ruler. In the stand off, Vampirella was able to defeat Draculina by feeding on Adam's blood which contained traces of Chaos blood, thus severing Draculina's control over Adam. In retaliation Draculina opened the gateway dimension. The portal would have sucked in Vampirella and her friends to the hell dimension, however, Vampirella along with Adam and Pendragon managed to destroy the machine in the nick of time. 

 Draculina going back to Hell

Despite Vampirella wanting to help her little sister, Draculina however threw herself in the portal seemingly going back to hell permanently.

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