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Brief History

Vlad III the Impaler

Though not the first vampire in fiction, Dracula was the most successful. Appearing in the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker in 1895 the book has not been out of print since then.

While already famous via the novel, plays and several movies, a character called Dracula would not make it into a comic book until 1951 in Marvel’s Suspense. This was not the famous Marvel version of Dracula that would star in his own comic in the 1970’s but a one shot in one of Marvel’s many horror comics at the time.

After the Comics Code Authority came about he once again became scarce but reappeared with the weakening of the code in the 1970’s. The fact that Stoker’s novel is now in the public domain, and the fertile ground for exploration that is the vampire myth, assures that the King of the Vampires will not be going away any time soon.

Chaos Comics

Dracula was a powerful vampire but next to Purgatori, he was practically nothing. He was first her lover and swore his loyalty to her, but this could not last.

Eventually she judged him too be powerful in the Vampire Clan Wars and she decided he would have to be brought down. So, while she sought out the Chalice of Regeneration he used her to almost gain it for himself, she would not allow that and battled him at the Vatican where after a strenuous battle she ripped his fangs out and he was permanently burned by the rising sun.

DC Comics

Count Dracula was a murderous vampire who ruled in Transylvania. He was killed in his coffin while sleeping by the villagers of his town. They shipped his body to Gotham City in the 1600's, they then buried his body underground so that no one would find it. After being dead for centuries, the Penguin came by looking for a fortune, but instead found Dracula's body. Penguin accidentally cut himself, and the blood dropped onto Dracula's dead body. He then a woke, and made Penguin his eyes and ears of Gotham.

Dracula became obsessed with Batman, thinking that his legacy of darkness has gone on even after his death. Dracula confronted Batman and asked him to join his living of the undead, Batman rejected this offer. Furious of this, Dracula attacked Batman and nearly killed him, however the sun came up and almost killed Dracula. Dracula also got obsessed with bringing his dead wife back to life. To do this he used the life force of Vicki Vale, The Count nearly succeeded in doing so, however the Batman stopped him just in time.

Since Dracula knew that his minions have been taken out, Dracula had to fight Batman One-On-One. They had a destructive battle, that lead to the Batcave where Batman had a plan. After Batman being nearly killed, and Alfred knocked out, Batman used his prototype sun energy storing device, when Dracula started to burn up, Batman delivered a punch to that finally ended his reign of darkness.


Dracula's first appearance in the Buffyverse, was in the Season 5 Episode " Buffy Vs. Dracula" of the television series. Dracula came to Sunnydale because heard about the powers of a slayer and wanted to meet one. He hypnotizes Xander so that he can become his slave and his eyes around Buffy and the gang. Xander is the one to lead the team to his castle which is located the outskirts of Sunnydale. After Buffy staked him and the gang left Dracula reformed out of mist.

After the annihilation of Sunnydale Dracula kidnapped Xander again. After finding his castle Buffy went to rescue her friend. Dracula tried to scare her but Buffy brushed this off. While they were fighting Dracula told Buffy on how he had become a joke and warned that she would one day be forgotten. Buffy scoffed at this and laughed at Dracula for his mid-life crisis. After the fight Dracula agreed to let Xander go.

Sometime after Xander's capture some vampires who had abilities like that of Dracula attacked the slayer headquarters in Scotland. They stole Buffy's Scythe. Hitting a dead end on all their leads Xander and a slayer were sent to ask Dracula for help. When they found Dracula he had become an alcoholic, not having the will to kill anymore. At first sight he shape-shifted into a younger and more attractive appearance. Dracula told Xander that he had a good life since they last met and had a new manservant. Though after a while Dracula revealed that he lost his powers (save shape shifting) while drunk in a bet with Japanese vampires. He agreed to help Buffy and her army of slayers fight the vampires in Tokyo. While in Scotland he helped Willow in preparing a spell to protect against the spells of the vampires in Tokyo. In battle Dracula killed many of the vampires and he used his sword to undo the spell of the vampire's. Its not known if he gained his powers back after the battle.


Dracula possess many abilities which includes enhanced physical attributes (strength of twenty men), ability to shape-shift (transform into a bat or a wolf),hypnotize, and immorality.Other powers include invisibility,intangibility, telepathy, and regeneration. Note his powers varies according to the writer.

Vlad is a very skilled fighter, and a brilliant military tactician. His able to engaged multiple opponents in sword fighting.

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