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Dracos is a lizard warrior native to the deserts on Endor. His people have never come into contact with the Ewoks who live in the forest until after the Battle of Endor. Once contact was estalblised the Lizard Men were welcomed into the Council of Free Planets and they sent Dracos as their represenitive to the Alliance. Dracos was a noted hunter among his people and a skilled warrior with a spear. Once he became a member of the Alliance, Dracos was inducted into a special task force commanded and trained by Luke Skywalker. This group consisted of Dracos himself, the Zeltron Dani, Corellian smuggler Rik Duel, Rodian Chihdo, and Iskalon Kiro. Luke trained the group in weaponry, swordsmanship, mediation, hand to hand combat, and tactics, making Dracos and the other members formidible warriors. Dracos was convinvced Luke would train the group as Jedi though was disappointed when Luke refused on grounds that he did not want to train another Darth Vader. Dracos had no force potenial anyway. Dracos was not seen after this and it is expected he was sent on the mission to Kinooine where they were all killed by Dark lady Lumiya and her Nagai allies

Powers and Abilities

Dracos species gave him a thick skin that was durable and strength greater than that of a human though not by much. He was a good hunter when he was a member of his tribe and his training under Luke Skywalker made him a formidiable soldier for the Alliance

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