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Kryptonian scientist Doctor Xa Du was convicted of conducting forbidden experiments in suspended animation which resulted in the deaths of those upon whom he was experimenting. He was sent to the Phantom Zone for his crimes, as was his wife Erndine Ze-Da, at a later date.

Dr. Xadu as Pa Kent in Jor-El's suit.

The pair managed to escape from the Phantom Zone but Superboy tricked them and exiled them to planet Exon which had a red sun. This meant of course that the Kryptonian villains had no super powers. Years later the pair returned, with a new power that worked when they gripped each other's hands. Superman imprisoned them on separate worlds in different galaxies.

The New 52

Xa-Du during the New 52

Following the New 52 Dr. Xa-Du is shown in Action Comics as still being a prisoner of the Phantom Zone but still a threat to Superman. Xa-Du somehow was able to create technology from the zone that allowed him to reach beyond it, actually being able to be walk amongst the living world with a special suit. However, upon his confrontation with Superman, he is put back into the Zone, only to be brought back in some time later to join the Anti-Superman Army.


Using his heat vision

Due to being Kryptonian, Xa-Du possess all of the abilities present in Superman, flight, super strength, durability, heat vision and super speed. However, due to still being a prisoner in the Phantom Zone, if he loses contact with his suit he will pulled back into the Zone.

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