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Dr. White worked for the government many years ago and one of his colleagues was Dr. Jack Hack; Cassie Hack's father. During their work together, they were arranged to study slashers, among them was X-O. They were basically to figure out what made slashers tick and triggered them to kill, how to control, and also how to reduplicate their regenerative powers. They were even set to inspect potential slashers, one of which was Delilah Cordero. Dr. White would often joke that Jack was lucky to work with her, as she sounded pretty. He would have no clue, his colleague was involved with Delilah romantically and had fallen in love with her.

While the government wanted him and Jack to find ways to make the slashers, living weapons. Jack, however, wanted to cure them, after falling in love with Delilah. His colleague would eventually go AWOL on them and runaway with Delilah to live a normal family life with her. Dr. White was not shown to have contact with Jack after he departed and was on the run from the government. Dr. White began working at the Crane Institute, once again, studying slashers.

A new one was Emily Cristy, who had turned herself into one to avoid death. Dr. White would find a disturbing surprise when he discovered one of his scientist, Dr. David Turek, alone with a contained Emily. It became clear Turek, was too obsessed with her to continue working in his studies. He immediately fired David, but it would be a little too late. As a last minute attempt to be with her, David opened her container. Cutting his hand, David let his blood fall on he body which awakened the woman slasher. She killed David and took his skin. Emily escaped and made her way to the east coast.

With her gone and David dead, it was obvious Dr. White would have to go hunting for the slasher before more damage could be done. White's team would locate her in Brookline, Massachusetts at Franco-Belle College for Women. Emily integrated herself into the student body, having taken the skin of a student named Eliza and joined the secret sorority known as the Tub Club.

During this search, White would meet his former colleague's daughter Cassie Hack. She and Vlad had been called to investigate the mysterious murders on campus. Eventually, White was killed in their travels down the caves below the school, where Emil had now merged all the girls' skins with her.

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