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In the jungles of Brazil, Dr. Hal Carey's parents gave their lives tending to the natives, to be specific a tribe called the Blancas (because they were “white Indians“), and raised their son Hal to take over for them after they die.

Shortly after this happens he defeats the medicine man Okoro and becomes the leader of the tribe, from there daring do ensues. 

During his career medicine plays very little in the adventures of Dr. Voodoo and his girl-friend Maxinya, but sword play, and leaping from tree to tree does.  


Drawn by noted golden age artist Raboy (Captain Marvel Jr. and the Black Terror) the adventures of Dr. Voodoo were like those of Prince Valiant, only set in a jungle, with Hal, Maxinya and Maxinya’s jaguar companion Jappa facing down everything from headhunters, to tribes of giants, to dragons.    

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