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Dr. Ub'x's lust foe power led him from his native peaceful planet of H'Iven to the far reaches of unknown space. He built an armada and began to conquer the universe. When Dr.Ub'x had successfully conquered half the galaxy, he set his sites on his home planet of H'iven and began the conquest with his new armada, the Crabsters.

Dr. Ub'x was swiftly defeated by H'Iven's resident Green Lantern Ch'p and sought solitude on his home planet. The Crisis on Infinite Earths changed the history of H'Iven and erased the former armada of Dr. Ub'x.

Dr. Ub'x traveled to Earth and used many forms to help the villains defeat the earthbound Green Lantern Corps, which Ch'p had become a member. Dr. Ub'x was about to destroy the Green Lantern Ch'p when he realized they were the last survivors of their planet. Dr. Ub'x and Ch'p became friends and Dr. Ub'x chose to relocate to the continent of Africa and begin his research to evolve the Earth animals to H'Iven intelligence.

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